“There is a real need for a range of competition jackets and shirts of superior quality and fit – using lightweight fabrics and trims.”

Inspired by Europe and made for the Australian climate, Showgirl Equestrian offers a stunning range of competition jackets, shirts and accessories.ShowGirl Equestrian Design

Boasting a superior fit, quality lightweight fabrics and an unprecedented attention to detail, the range is taking the Australian Show and Dressage scene by storm.

Based in the Southern Highlands of NSW, Showgirl Equestrian was born out of owner and creator Beth Fisk’s frustration when trying to find beautiful competition attire for her 10 year old, pony mad daughter, at a price point that made sense.

The label began as a Children’s label with great success. Within a year some of Australia’s top junior riders were competing in our jackets winning at major shows including Championships at the Grand National.

The pressure was then on to produce a ladies range. As with the children’s range the patterns were created by one of Sydney’s leading pattern makers to the Australian Standard sizing. Much time was spent perfecting the fit and cut of the Jackets, It is so important to create the perfect silhouette -especially when viewed by a judge from a distance. These jackets are designed to emphasize the waist and are cut away at the front to give the illusion of a longer leg which is flattering on all figure types.

After creating a perfect design the fabrics and trims were then chosen. It was important to have a range of jackets that stands out from the rest. The fabrics aDesign ShowGirl Equestrianre unique and only a small amount is purchased for each style giving a level of exclusivity. A lot of thought has gone into the trims and buttons – we design and produce our own beautiful leather buttons featuring the signature SG and fox-head molded into leather.

A complementary range of pretty shirts and accessories is now also available and the Showgirl Equestrian range has filled a gap in the market to widespread acclaim. Not only do we pride ourselves on producing superior products, our dedicated team all delight in backing up our products with great customer service.

Try one of our jackets, shirts or accessories – available online or via selected local stockists – and I am sure you will be delighted. I’d love to hear from you with your comments…..and, of course, if you are not happy with your purchase, we’d be happy to swap it or take it back.


Beth – 0438 129 947