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What to Wear in Hunter Classes (Equestrian)

Hmmmm… so what to wear in Hunter Classes?

In the Hunter Ring, it’s traditional to use tweeds and navy – but you’ve got a cute kid and a cute pony so it makes perfect sense to use a hint of colour to ‘lift’ the overall appeal and really catch the judge’s eye.

Why people stick with drab colours and heinous hues of mustardy browns for a childrens hunter jacket is completely beyond me!

In anycase, let’s move on…. by working with the pony’s natural coat colour you can choose an outfit which will create a really gorgeous overall impression.

Don’t be afraid to think outside the square and be a little adventurous with the colours to really flatter your horse or pony. 



ShowGirl Sicily Olive Hunter Jacket

The ShowGIrl Sicily Olive Hunter Jacket

For grey ponies: Think about mauves, blues and charcoals.

For chestnut ponies: Consider a hint of teal, purple or a hint of olive green.

For black ponies: Think blues, golds & navy.

For bay ponies: Think rich browns, burnt orange and navy.

For golden ponies: Think blues, golds and deep brown.


Other things to consider with Hunter Classes in Australia.


  • Have any visible jewellery.
  • Carry whips or crops over 90cm.
  • Apply excessive makeup to either horse or rider.
  • Choose ribboned browbands or have brightly coloured ribbons in your child’s hair (sometimes this can be ok in Leading Rein Classes)

    ShowGirl Swann Hunter Jacket

    ShowGirl Swann Navy & Canary Tweed Hunter Jacket


  • Match your child’s jacket with fawn, banana or buff colour jodhpurs.
  • Stick with plain brown boots.
  • Bother with gloves. Leather or string is the best and they should match the colour of the jodhpurs.
  • Follow our guide to ‘Choosing the right Equestrian hair style’.

In essence, Show Hunter (and all equestrian) style is governed by tradition however like all fashion it’s open to current trends and personal interpretation.

ShowGirl Savannah Hunter Jacket

ShowGirl Savannah Hunter Jacket in Mauve & Chocolate

Some judges love tradition, while others appreciate the effort taken to create a pleasing overall impression.

The best thing to do is to be happy with the look yourself – after all you can’t please them all but it’s nice to have some stunning photos to hang on the wall!

If you think navy and brown has been done to death – then take the step to a bolder outfit! Who knows, YOU could be the one to start a new trend?

THE most important thing is to make sure everything is clean, polished and fits well! Boxy shoulders or straining buttons not good in anyone’s book – so check out  How To Fit a Jacket Correctly.