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Sponsorship. We have structured sponsorship rounds and don’t accept ad-lib requests to sponsor individual riders. However, if you put your name down here and we’ll let you know when the next round opens.

Retailers. If you’re interested in having some of our products in your store – please email Beth here.

Orders: If you’re looking something a little different (bespoke sizing or customisation) or if the postman has bungled your delivery – contact the Design Studio here.

For anything urgent: While we’ll get back to your emails within hours (if not minutes) – please give Beth a call on her mobile is you need some information urgently. You can reach her on 0438 129 947

Physical Location: We’re a family owned business based in Kangaloon in the Southern Highlands of NSW.

Mailing Address: PO Box 1208, Bowral, NSW, 2576, Australia

For all other enquiries – fill out this form and we’ll get back to you soon!