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Georgia Davey

Georgia Davey Profile1


Age: 12

Lives: Huntfield Heights, SA

Discipline: Showing


Champion Rider 12 /U 15 at Grand Nationals 2015

4 top 10’s at Grand Nationals 2015

Runner up Child’s Small Hunter Pony at Grand Nationals 2015

Placed in all my classes at Adelaide Royal (INC 2 firsts)

Champion Rider 12 /U 15 at Rising Star

Horses: Heldon Park Royal Beau

Stable Names: Charlie Bear

Funny habits my horses have: Loui likes to bow for a carrot. You put the carrot behind his front legs and he bows. Also when I itch his wither he turns his head around and itches my back. It’s really funny!

Riding Goals: My riding goal is to try my hardest to go to EA Nationals in my rider class.  I don’t worry about the ribbon that much –  I just like that if my horse has worked well and I have tried my hardest we have already won.

Other activities aside from riding: In my free time I like to sit and relax by drawing. I find that I’m good at drawing. I mainly draw horses or animals. To help me focus I like to listen to music. My favourite type of music is the recent charts.

Favourite thing about being a Showgirl Rosette: That I have stylish and smart clothes for my classes and that I represent a great company <3

Georgia Wears… The ShowGirl Sienna Hunter Jacket and ShowGirl Chantilly Ruffle Shirt.