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Paris Graham

Paris Graham Profile

Age:  11 currently but will turn 12 in june 

Location: Victoria; Geelong 

Discipline: showing and dressage mainly  

Major Results: 

2013 VASA LTD champion rider 8 and under 10 

2014 Grand National Champion Childs Small Pony riding Radford Lodge Candy Cane. 

SHCV 2014 Junior Show Case champion rider 8 and under 12 

2015 Champion SHCV grand national qualifier champion rider 

2015 paris was apart of the 2015 national dressage champion team  

2015 first in the childs showhunter small pony at melbourne 

 Horse(s) Names: Alexander Park Bella Donna and Leanda Fine Cut Diamond 

Stable Names: Bella and Frankie 

Funny habits my horses have… Bella is fairly easy going but she tickles you when you brush her and Frankie stands and picks up EVERYTHING he can! 

Riding Goals: To win a Rider Class at Nationals or Grand Nationals and hopefully when i am older go to the olympics for dressage 

Other activities aside from riding: NOTHING i devote all my time to riding 

Favourite thing about being a Showgirl Rosette: being able to represent such a prestigious company and wear beautifully tailored clothes. 

Paris Graham

Paris Graham