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Show Horse Presentation – Life Hacks

1. Stand your horse on a section of old lino while you’re primping and preening. It will help keep the dust off hooves and lower legs.

2. These scrubbers things are perfect for a quick morning wash if your horse has socks. Simply fill scrubberwith your favourite whitening shampoo and your horse will have sparkling socks with minimal effort.

3. Use a fine grade sandpaper on your hooves before applying the hoof shine to really get a mirror finish.

4. If you’re competing in an arena or sandy area – sometimes a wipe of hair conditioner can be a good option to stop sand and dust sticking to hooves and lower legs – while still giving a rich conditioned look.

5. Plaitiqette: For crestier horses you want to create neat, flatter button braids to give a sleeker topline. Pull the hair down while you plait, not towards you, as this helps keep the plaits flat along the neck. To do this fold the plait in half and secure with thread and then fold again in half.Katie-Jerram-plaits-600x400

6. Plaitiquette: For horses with a leaner neck you want to create sticky uppy plaits, so start by plaiting the main in an upwards direction. This can be helped by standing up higher above the mane. Then pull the tip of the Sticky Uppy plaits for weak necks. Sticky Uppy plaits can add shape to a weak neck plait through the base of the plait to give some lift before rolling.

7. If your horse is particularly sensitive, dab a little listerine on the base of the mane as you’re plaiting and it will provide a numbing effect.

8. Mix a little hair gel with water and spray onto the mane before plaiting. It’s pretty sticky, but you’ll have neater plaits with less fly aways for the end result.

8. Give your horse a quick massage along the neckline after you’ve removed the plaits. This will make them feel better and will stimulate blood flow to the area which is essential for healthy growth.

12. Just before entering the ring apply a mist of coat spray and a dash of fly spray (non-oil based, so fly sprayas not to attract dust), this will prevent a head-shaking tantrum at the wrong moment.

13. To get super shiny bits and buckles – clean them with toothpaste and a toothbrush. You get outstanding results doing this and it’s much cheaper than the special bit polish.

14. To keep your browband in tip top condition, wrap it in a Chux diswashing cloth and secure it with electrical tape on each side. This means that the Chux will absorb any sweat and dust while you’re warming up.

15. When you’re in the ring, try and position yourself away from the best competitors. That way the judge has more time to appreciate you. Also, if possible stay away from other horses of the same colour.

16. You can make your own quarter mark stencils with a piece of construction paper and a laminatingmaxresdefault machine. Simply draw your pattern, cut it out and laminate it. Cut out the “spaces” and voila! Your very own, personalized stencil!

21.To trim the bottom of your horse’s tail, have a helper place an arm under your horse’s tail bone and lift it until it resembles your horse’s natural tail carriage. Now, gently snip off the ends so that they’re level in this position and the tail appears even when your horse is in motion.

22. To get as much volume as possible out of a natural tail, separate the hair one by one. I.e start by holding the whole tail and then one by one separate the hair. It takes a little while but the end result makes the tail look nearly twice as thick.

23. If you’re using a false tail, wipe your horses hind legs with laundry dryer sheets and that will remove the static and stop the tail sticking to their legs.